Sevearl Ways To Sell and Market Scentsy Wickless Products and Business

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Published: 19th November 2010
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There are different ways of selling Scentsy Wickless Products after you've become a Scentsy Independent consultant. Scentsy is a member of the Direct Selling Association/Party Plan. Their products consist of Scentsy electric warmers, Scentsy Authentic wax bars/bricks, Scentsy products on the go/room sprays, travel tins, scent circles, and our all new Scentsy Buddies (stuffed animals for children of all ages).

Being a Party Plan company as Mary Kay, Avon, Pampered Chef, ect~ Scentsy Independent Consultants offer the traditional home party with 'presentation', home party 'open house' which is a more relaxed type of party where guest come at their leisure during a specified time frame~ a display table is available for viewing of the Scentsy products, and then everyone enjoys memories while smelling the 80 different fragrances available. Another type of party is the Scentsy basket party, which is also viewed as a 'catalog party'. The hostess is given everything needed from the Scentsy consultant to host her own party~ mini testers (scent samples0, catalogs, order forms, and she/her will collect orders from family, friends, co-workers ect and meets again with the Scentsy Independent consultant on the scheduled close date. This type of party is very low key and done at leisure. All parties mentioned are eligible for the hostess rewards program with orders totaling $150 or more.

There are several other ways of marketing Scentsy products while being a Scentsy consultant. Fairs, expos, craft shows~ these are great ways of getting your name and business out in the public while booking parties, recruiting potential consultants, and sharing the love and passion of Scentsy.

Fundraisers are another great resource of marketing ones Scentsy business and selling products. Many schools, businesses, charities, ect are looking for fun, new and unique products. Fundraisers not only help you share the Scentsy products and business opportunities with others, but what a great way to help your local organizations within your own communities.

Other sources~ nail salons, hair salons, dental offices, doctors offices, banking locations, ect. There are several ways and places to market your Scentsy business. Most of these locations mentioned cannot 'burn' candles in their establishments due to fire codes. Scentsy warmers can be their alternative. Because all our warmers utilize low wattage light bulbs rather than the traditional burning wick, they may be used in placement of 'burning candles'. You will be the hero.

As listed above, there are several ways of marketing a Scentsy business, not nearly all of them have been mentioned. With ones imagination and creativity, many more can be thought of.

For more information contact: or http://DorothyT.Scentsy.Us

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